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Episode s01E04

Have you ever wanted to get to know Da Kurlzz a little better? Episode four of Sunset Rat Pack has all you need to know. Topics include his newly obtained three pack, a Kurlzz Christmas and his transformation into a woodsman.

Episode s01E03

In episode three, the Sunset Rat Pack talk “secks”, hit on Jesse Jane, tell bar mitzvah stories and touch on Papa Carlile’s cooking skills. Also, find out the motion picture association rating of the hosts, as assumed by Tallywood.

Episode s01E02

In the second episode of Sunset Rat Pack Austin, Da Kurlzz and Tallywood tackle the topic of NFL and make the mistake of getting Austin started on his movie taste. Everyone gets appreciative for Thanksgiving, except for producer Alan, who was still looking in the mirror and Da Kurlzz who realizes he needs a new pair of everything.

Episode s01E01

The series premiere of Sunset Rat Pack finds Austin Carlile, Da Kurlzz and Tallywood introducing themselves and the show with California songs, the origins of their friendship and their early music careers. On this episode, you’ll also learn about Myspace history, streetwear and Alan Ashby’s narcissism.